Premio Ana Caro de Teatro III Edición

El jurado del III Premio Ana Caro de Teatro, compuesto por Jorge de Juan y Paula Paz, directores artísticos del Cervantes Theatre, Concha Pina, directora de Antígona ediciones, Juan Alberto Salvatierra y Clara Díaz, autores premiados en la primera y segunda edición del Premio Ana Caro; declaran por unanimidad, ganador el texto “Nosotros mirando una película coreana”, del dramaturgo Santiago Sanguinetti. El jurado destaca de la obra la maestría y precisión en el diálogo y el empleo de un humor generado a través de la sugerencia y de la palabra, así como la plasmación de temas, ideas y conflictos contemporáneos que recorren el texto con una excelente calibración de naturalidad.


The jury of the III Ana Caro Theatre Award, comprising Cervantes Theatre’s artistic directors, Jorge de Juan and Paula Paz, Concha Pina, director of Antígona ediciones, Juan Alberto Salvatierra and Clara Díaz, award-winning authors in the first and second editions of the Ana Caro Award, unanimously declared the play “Nosotros mirando una película coreana” as the winner, by the playwright Santiago Sanguinetti. The jury highlights the play’s mastery and accuracy in dialogue, and the use of humour generated through clever use of language and suggestion, as well as the expression of contemporary themes, ideas and conflicts that naturally run through the play.


Digital Content

In Conversation

We continue with our digital series of ‘In Conversation’, in which our Artistic Director Paula Paz will interview some of the most prominent artists and professionals from the theatre scene in Spain. 

You’ll be able to watch all the conversations here:


Paco Bezerra


The Little Pony / El Pequeño Poni

Lucía Carballal


An American Life / Una vida americana

Carolina África


Summer in December / Verano en Diciembre

Paloma Pedrero


The eyes of the Night / Los ojos de la noche

Jesús Cimarro


Fefa Noia

Theatre Director


Guillermo Heras

Theatre Director



Online Dramatised Readings and Q&A

Direct Your Future



Support programme for young directors

The Cervantes Theatre has launched its first development programme for young directors called Direct Your Future. After a selection process, we are happy to introduce you to the 6 emerging directors that will have the opportunity to develop their craft with this scheme. We are offering them a paid week of rehearsals at the theatre with actors so that they can explore their proposed project and a mentorship scheme to support them along the way.

“We can not afford to lose our youngest generation of artists. The future may seem dark and uncertain for many of them but we are here to offer our support and guidance, giving them voice and space within an international creative context and telling them that they are valued and needed”

Paula Paz, cofounder and Artistic Director of the Cervantes Theatre.


Acting Classes

Photo of class of 5 students engaged in acting classes


As of Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

The classes are in Spanish and are suitable for both native Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers who have a good level of Spanish. Minimum age is 17/No Maximum

Las clases se imparten en español y son aptas tanto para hispano hablantes como para personas para quienes el español no es su primera lengua pero que tienen un buen nivel del mismo. La edad mínima requerida es  de 17  años  o más (nuestro participante anterior de mas edad tiene 65 años).




The Cervantes Theatre runs a friends scheme that enables people to support the charity to continue providing top quality theatre. Productions in off-west end theatres in London cannot be put on solely through ticket sales (prices would have to roughly double for this to be the case) and so every play requires money to be found from elsewhere. We are deeply grateful to our main corporate and institutional sponsors, whose logos with links to their websites are on the bottom of every page of this website together with Arts Council England for their support

The Friends scheme is designed for individuals who want to help us. In exchange we offer a range of benefits including discounts on ticket and bar prices. Read more here

Photo of class of 5 students engaged in acting classes
Photo of class of 5 students engaged in acting classes
Photo of class of 5 students engaged in acting classes

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The Cervantes Theatre stages numerous Spanish language plays throughout the year from both Spanish and Latin American playwrights. The productions are performed in Spanish on Monday-Tuesday, and in English Wednesday-Saturday. Our weekly Tuesday matinees are ideal for school groups wishing to visit our 88 seat venue.

All schools who wish to be involved with the programme will  be provided with our educational pack a few weeks before the trip, which includes information on our current production and interactive workshops which can be carried out in class either before or after seeing the play.

Visits also include a pre or post-show talk with a member of the creative team, who will talk about the creative process and discuss issues surrounding the play.


Photo of school involved in workshop on the set of Yerma at the Cervantes Theatre


Box office number: 020 3633 4406

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Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00

Cervantes Theatre Arch 26 229 Union Street London SE1 0LR