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World renowned flamenco masters Mercedes Ruiz (choreography and dance) and Santiago Lara (flamenco guitar and composition) comes to London!

After their successful performances at Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Sadler´s Wells Theatre, these artists who are benchmarks of flamenco dance and guitar, return to London to bring audiences an intimate and very close version of their show “Dual”, offering 5 unique performances with limited seating at Cervantes Theatre.

Dual: “That has or brings together two different characters or phenomena”

In this show Mercedes Ruiz and Santiago Lara unite their talents and their common vision of flamenco to create something very special. An intimate work, rich in expressiveness, in styles, where both have to give the 100% of themselves.

Just Guitar and Dance. Music and Choreography.

Nude art.

A journey through different styles of flamenco, where the evolution of tradition is the common denominator.

Two artists united in life and art.

Two exceptional and committed artists.

A unique Tandem.

Duration: 70 minutes aprox.

“a grand blaze of artistry” FINANCIAL TIMES
“an outstanding show!” ELLE FRANCE

Los maestros del flamenco de renombre mundial Mercedes Ruiz (coreografía y baile) y Santiago Lara (guitarra flamenca y composición) ¡llegan a Londres!

Tras sus exitosas actuaciones en el Queen Elizabeth Theatre y en el Sadler’s Wells Theatre, estos artistas referentes del baile y la guitarra flamenca, vuelven a Londres para traer al público una versión íntima y muy cercana de su espectáculo “Dual”, ofreciendo 5 únicas funciones con aforo limitado en el Teatro Cervantes.

Dual: “Que tiene o reúne dos caracteres o fenómenos diferentes”

En este espectáculo Mercedes Ruiz y Santiago Lara unen su talento y su visión común del flamenco para crear algo muy especial. Una obra íntima, rica en expresividad, en estilos, donde ambos tienen que dar el 100% de sí mismos.

Sólo Guitarra y Baile. Música y Coreografía.

Arte al desnudo.

Un recorrido por diferentes estilos del flamenco, donde la evolución de la tradición es el denominador común.

Dos artistas unidos en la vida y en el arte.

Dos artistas excepcionales y comprometidos.

Un Tándem único.

Duración: 70 minutos aprox.

“una gran explosión de arte” FINANCIAL TIMES
“¡un espectáculo excepcional!” ELLE FRANCE

22 – 24 MARCH 2024


Born in 1980, in Jerez de la Frontera, Mercedes Ruiz is the maximum reference of her generation in the commitment to evolution within the classicism of flamenco dance. Her training began when she was only 4 years old with Ana María López and later with Chiqui de Jerez, Charo Cruz and at the Conservatory of Seville.
At only seven years old, she already worked in the Company of Manuel Morao y Gitanos de Jerez performing in Broadway. Later, and as a trained flamenco dancer, Mercedes Ruiz successively joined the companies of Antonio El Pipa, Eva Yerbabuena and Adrián Galia: three different artists from whom Mercedes was looking to forge her personality. A personality that was already appreciated by the jury of the XVI Córdoba National Contest, which awarded her with the “Antonio Gades” Prize in 2001. In 2002 Mercedes Ruiz began her career as a soloist. In this year, she made her debut with Andrés Marín at the Seville Biennial, and at the same time managed to win the Youth Prize at the Seville Biennial.

This award prompted him to form her own Company in 2003, premiering her first show, “Draws in the air”, at the Jerez Festival.
With this show he stepped on theaters and festivals as important as: “Queen Elizabeth Hall” in London, “Theater de la Ville” in Paris, “TNT” in Tolouse, Mont de Marsans Flamenco Art Festival, Madrid in dance, Alcázar Theater in Madrid, Helsinki Flamenco Festival, Rovereto Festival in Italy, Albuquerque Flamenco Festival etc …

His next show, “Women gestures”, premiered far from home: at the Lyon Dance Biennale, at “Maison de la Danse” and was performed in other important theaters such as: “Theatre de Suresnes” in Paris, Festival Long live Spain in Moscow, Nimes Flamenco Festival, Jerez Festival, etc … In these first productions Mercedes Ruiz already makes her aesthetics clear, which is firmly committed to an updated tradition, to an evolution within classicism, a line that continues with “Juncá”, premiered at the Seville Biennial, and which earned Mercedes Ruiz the Critics Award for Best Show at the Jerez Festival. With this show a great world tour was made, in places like “Teatro la Fenicce” in Venice, “Teatro Comunale” in Modena, season at Teatro Gran Vía in Madrid, “Mayson de la Danse” in Lyon, Flamenco Festival in Turin, Toronto Flamenco Festival, “Flamenco Nights” by Chateau Vallon in France and a long etc…

The international projection of Mercedes Ruiz is already absolute and thus the international premiere of her fourth proposal, “My last secret”, was held at the prestigious Montpellier Danse Festival. She treading on other important stages such as the Luxembourg Flamenco Festival or Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.

The setting for the premiere of her next show was once again the Festival de Jerez and, once again, it was accompanied by success: “Perspectives” was distinguished with the Critics’ Award for Best Show. The tour of this show went through places such as: Cervantes Theater in Malaga, Cordoba Guitar Festival, Seville Flamenco Biennial, Moscow International Music House, season at the Gran
Vía Theater in Madrid…

Mercedes Ruiz has also investigated the expressive possibilities of chamber or small format montages, where the relationship between singing, guitar and dance intensifies. This is how “Dance of word” came about, premiered at the Jerez Festival. Later represented in places such as Flamenco Festival in London, “Kultur Park” Traun in Austria, Flamenco Viene del Sur in Granada, Mont de Marsans Festival, “Nuits Flamemcas de Avignon”, Flamenco Festival in Rome, Querétaro Biennial in Mexico, International House of Music Moscow, Tour in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia etc….

At the same time, she participated as a guest in the collective work “The five stations” with Blanca del Rey, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet and Laura Rozalén. In 2015 Mercedes Ruiz decides to create from the depths of her being. From that vital and artistic reflection she was born “She”, whose world premiere opened the 2015 edition of the Jerez Festival and for which she received the Audience Award. At the same time, Mercedes Ruiz also took on the challenge of choreographing for the National Ballet of Spain in the show Zaguán and for the Opera Carmen in the city of Mahón..

A year after “She”, the artist decides to explore from the opposite side: “Let me dance” is a montage organized around the spontaneity and freshness that always characterized flamenco. It earned her the nomination for the Max award that year in the category “Best Female Performer”. This show had a great international reception, went through places such as: London Flamenco Festival, Toulouse Flamenco Festival, Suma Flamenca de Madrid, International House of Music Moscow, Almada Festival in Portugal, Dusseldorf Flamenco Festival, Geneva Flamenco Festival in Switzerland, Central Theater of Seville, “Le Pin Galant” Theater in Merignac, France, Biarritz Casino etc…

In April 2018 she premiered “TAUROMAGIA, Choreography for the piece of Manolo Sanlúcar” at the Cusset Theater (France). Later, she takes this same show to the 2018 Seville Flamenco Biennial, Jerez Festival, Mont de Marsans Festival, Córdoba Guitar Festival, etc … With this show she gets 4 nominations for the Max Performing Arts Awards and the Biennial of Seville Award 2018 as “Best Guitar Player” (Santiago Lara – Tauromagia). Without a doubt, this montage has been a before and after in the artist’s career. Creating a choreography at the level of what is considered the most important masterpiece of flamenco guitar was not an easy challenge …. All the critics were unanimous, reflecting the success and quality of this work.

In 2019 Mercedes goes on a tour with guitarist Santiago Lara in the United States. Albuquerque, Portland, Seattle and Washington D.C. . She also participates, as a guest artist, in the Flamenco Festival NY “Gala Flamenca”. Premiered in the summer of 2019 at the Suma Flamenca in Madrid and subsequently at the Flamenco Festival in London and the Festival of Jerez 2020.

In January of 2022 presents in France the 10th production of her career : “Second Skin” that has been performed later at Jerez Dance Festival, Expo Seville auditorium , Førde International Festival (Norway), Stuttgart Flamenco Festival and Madrid Flamenco Festival. She also participates closing the “Flamenco Gala” of Flamenco Festival USA, obtaining an special recognition from the audience at New York City Center theater. In July 2023 Mercedes released her last production “DUAL” with 19 consecutive shows at Avignon Performing Arts Festival (France) with shows also in New York, Chicago, Vancouver and Nottingham (UK). In March 2024 will present a new one production at Jerez Festival, “Romancero del Baile Flamenco”.


Santiago Lara is considered one of the most relevant members of the new generation of Spanish guitarists. De Jerez de la Frontera, aged 37, has received some of the most prestigious awards in the world. With only 39 years he has released his “Concert Num.1 for guitar and orchestra” composed and orchestrated entirely by him. As concertist for orchestra also performs famous “Concierto de Aranjuez” from master Joaquín Rodrigo.

From a very young age, he made several world tours as second guitarist for maestro Manolo Sanlúcar, in works such as “Locura de Brisa y Trino” and “Medea”, in various countries such as Mexico, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Spain ….. He also participated with him in the recording of one of the most important symphonic works of flamenco “Medea”. Now the late master is honoured by santiago playing live the music of incredible works as “Medea” or “Tauromagia”. Santiago; producer, composer and musical director, he has five solo albums on the market: “El Sendero de lo impossible” (2008), “Sentimientos Nuevos” (2012), “Flamenco Tribute to Pat Metheny” (2017) “La Guitarra en el tiempo” (2019) and the latest “Tu canción en mi guitarra” (2021). As a soloist, he has performed prestigious concerts at the Jerez Festival, Seville Biennial, Córdoba Guitar Festival, Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival (France), Tampere Flamenco Festival (Finland), Querétaro Flamenco Biennial (Mexico) , Bimhuis in Amsterdam, International House of Music (Moscow), Emabajada de España in Berlin, Flamenco Festival (London), Flamenco Festival in Poznan (Poland), Guitar Festival Hersbruck (Germany), Kölner Philarmonie (Kolhn, Germany) etc.

Regular collaborator on world tours with dancer and choreographer Mercedes Ruiz, for whom he has composed the music of her nine shows, winning important awards such as the Jerez Festival Critics Award on several occasions. Together they have toured all over the world, in such prestigious places as the Alcázar Theater (Madrid), Queen Elizabeth Theater (London), Sadler´s Wells (London), Theater de la Ville (Paris), Maison de la Danse (Lyon), Ewerk (Berlin), International House of Music (Moscow), Teatro la Fenice (Venice), Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti (Modena), Auditorium Parco della Música (Rome), St Lowrence Center for the Arts of Toronto (Canada) … He has collaborated and made musical arrangements for/with such prominent artists as Antonio Canales, Ainhoa Arteta, Carmen Linares, Estrella Morente, Rocío Márquez, Argentina, David de María, Ismael Jordi, Chicuelo, Manuel Lombo, Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano etc …

As a music producer, in addition to his own albums, he has made albums for important new generation flamenco singers in Spain, such as “Luna de Enero” by Miguel Soto “Londro”, “Mi Retoque al cante Jerezano” by David Lagos and “Con la voz en la tierra” by David Carpio. His last creation is the Gala “Spain sounds!” for guitar and orchestra where performs world famous El Concierto de Aranjuez (Joaquín Rodrigo) and also his own Concert Num1 for Spanish guitar and Orchestra, fully composed and orchestrated by him.

Santiago, a serious and dedicated artist, is characterized by a constant development of his own language, recognizable in his guitar playing touch. In continuous search and dialogue with other styles of music such as jazz or classical In the same way, he stands out for always offering passion in his shows, obtaining the best response from the audience wherever his music and guitar are called to play.