by Juan Alberto Salvatierra
Translated by L. Finch
Directed by Jorge de Juan

In 1985, Joe Strummer was in Granada and decided, together with Jesús Arias, with a pick and a shovel, to unearth the corpse of Federico García Lorca. The punk star unearthing García Lorca… Joe Strummer takes a walk is the result of that emotion and that need to know a fantastic story.

21st September – 16th October
Tuesday – Saturday 7:30pm



When I wrote Joe Strummer Takes a Walk I thought that it would be incomplete until it was translated into English. The fact that the Cervantes Theatre along with AC/E are promoting its translation and production means to me the completion of a creative process.

Juan Alberto Salvatierra

Juan Alberto Salvatierra

Juan Alberto Salvatierra was born in Algeciras in 1978. He has a degree in Acting, Stage Direction and Dramaturgy from the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Málaga, where he currently teaches Dramatic Literature classes. He joined Remiendo Teatro in 2006.

His theatrical training began when he was inspired by two former members of the Estudio Lebrijano Theatre. He has attended courses and workshops by Itziar Pascual, Martin Crimp, Tim Etchells, Javier Maqua, Fermín Cabal and Sanchis Sinisterra.

His first plays such as El rey de Algeciras were written in a documentary style, using short, raw and direct scenes that evolved into a rather dark and, at the same time, melancholic humor. Some of these ingredients are also in Dehad@s, a text that represents a substantial change in his writing. With the play La gente fea no se baña en la playa he experiments with simpler forms that are far removed from short scenes. The play La grieta, entre animales salvajes, written together with the playwright Gracia Morales, is an exploration of transmediality, of the complex structure taken from the video game and interactive fiction.

Juan Alberto Salvatierra received the 1st Ana Caro Theatre Award for Joe Strummer Takes a Walk in 2019, awarded by Cervantes Theatre and Ediciones Antigona. Other awards include:

As a playwright:

  • Prize for the Best Theatrical Authorship at the IV Lorca Awards of the Andalusian Theatre 2016, for La grieta, entre animales salvajes (written together with Gracia Morales).
  • Miguel Romero Esteo Award 2002 for El rey de Algeciras.
  • Second prize for the 2002 Marqués de Bradomín Award for El rey de Algeciras.
  • Second prize V FATEX 2008 prize for Conejos, buitres y dinosaurios.
  • Finalist for the 1999 Miguel Romero Esteo Award for Grupo de excursionistas.
  • Rafael Guerrero Award 1999 for Por feo.

As director:

  • 2nd prize at the Malaga 2004 Performing Arts Show for the play El loco y la Monja, by S. Witkiewicz.



Play by  Juan Alberto Salvatierra

Translated by L. Finch


Directed by Jorge de Juan

Set Designer Ángel Haro

Lighting Designer Nigel Lewis

Sound and Video Enrique Muñoz

Composer/Sound Designer Antonio J. López



Artistic Director Jorge de Juan

Associate Artistic Director Paula Paz

Production and House Manager Puerto Baker

Graphic Design José Luis Hidalgo