Past Productions

Una habitación propia



Dramaturgia y dirección MARÍA RUÍZ

5 – 7 MAY 7:30 pm

En español In spanish

El espectáculo Una habitación propia es el encuentro de Virginia Woolf con el público del siglo XXI. Este fascinante discurso, irónico y emocionante, con música en directo, es ya un clásico de la escena, cinco años después de su estreno. Tan famoso como polémico, casi un siglo más tarde, el libro de la genial autora sigue siendo un mito del feminismo y una joya de la literatura universal.

The show A Room of One’s Own is that meeting point between Virginia Woolf and the public of the XXI century. This fascinating, ironic and moving speech, with live music, has become a classic five years after it was premiered. Woolf’s work is famous and remains controversial almost a century later and the book by this talented author continues to be a primary Feminism text and a gem in world literature.


Our acclaimed production of The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca directed by Jorge de Juan is back.

28th February  2022 – 9th April 2022

28 de febrero 2022 – 9 de abril 2022


EXTENDED 19th – 23rd April 2022

PRORROGADA 19 – 23 de abril 2022

Matinees on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays  at 2:30pm, evening performances Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm.


Duration: 2 hours (this includes a 15 minutes interval)


En 1932, envejecido y necesitado, el gran escritor portugués Fernando Pessoa se postula para el empleo de conservador de una pequeña biblioteca-museo en Cascais, no lejos de su adorada Lisboa.

A partir de este revelador episodio, Enigma Pessoa explora de manera poética la fascinante figura del autor de la heteronimia a través de una cuidada selección de materiales literarios y biográficos, desde poemas, textos en prosa y cartas de amor hasta imágenes personales y de los movimientos artísticos de su tiempo.

3 DECEMBER 7:30pm

En español In spanish



Basado en la obra original de Sebastián Junyent
adaptación de andoni Ferreño

Dos hermanos –Álvaro y Cosme- separados por la distancia los enfrentamientos tienen que verse, inevitablemente, cara a cara. Uno abandonó la casa familiar para instalarse en París. Los padres quedaron al cuidado del otro, en una pequeña ciudad de provincias. El inevitable reencuentro se produce tras el fallecimiento de los padres. Deben repartirse la herencia en el domicilio familiar. Con cada objeto surge un recuerdo, con cada lote un reproche o una justificación.
El deseo de terminar rápidamente con el tenso reencuentro les lleva a iniciar una disparatada partida de cartas, jugándose con ella los lotes. La casa queda levantada, pero la relación fraternal no vuelve a ser la misma tras la catarsis, a ratos divertida, a ratos dramática y siempre emocionante.

del 16 al 27 de noviembre de martes a sábado 7:30pm

¡Dos únicas semanas!



by Juan Alberto Salvatierra
Translated by L. Finch
Directed by Jorge de Juan

In 1985, Joe Strummer was in Granada and decided, together with Jesús Arias, with a pick and a shovel, to unearth the corpse of Federico García Lorca. The punk star unearthing García Lorca… Joe Strummer takes a walk is the result of that emotion and that need to know a fantastic story.

En 1985, Joe Strummer está en Granada y decide, junto a Jesús Arias, con un pico y una pala, desenterrar el cadáver de Federico García Lorca. La estrella del punk desenterrando a García Lorca… El paseo de Joe Strummer, es el resultado de esa emoción y de esa necesidad por conocer una historia fantástica.

21st September – 16th October



Ay, Carmela!

by José Sanchis Sinisterra
Directed by Paula Paz

We bring back our acclaimed production of Ay, Carmela! in Spanish, by José Sanchis Sinisterra. With Paula Rodríguez and Jorge Lucas. Directed by Paula Paz.

From 15th June until 18th July, performances Tuesday to Sunday at 7:30pm. Join us for this special moment.

Performances in Spanish.

 La Casa de Bernarda Alba – UK Tour 2020


By Federico García Lorca

Our award winning production of Lorca’s La Casa de Bernarda Alba tours to several venues outside London. Current dates are:

3rd – 4th March 2020  – Crescent Theatre Birmingham

9th – 10th March 2020 – Phoenix Theatre Castleford

18th March 2020 – Mac Belfast Postponed

23rd – 24th March 2020 – Redgrave Theatre Bristol Postponed

Poster of the play the House of the Spirits being performed in Spanish and English at the Cervantes Theatre between October 28th and November 30th 2019

La Casa de Bernarda Alba – Feb 2020 


By Federico García Lorca

3rd -29th February 2020 at the Cervantes Theatre London


Our production of La Casa de Bernarda Alba/ The House of Bernarda Alba that sold out in 2017, 2018 and 2019 is coming back in 2020 with 4 weeks at the Cervantes Theatre in London followed by touring dates in March.

The House of Bernarda Alba explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch’s domination of her five daughters. Described by the author as “a drama of women in the villages of Spain”, the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece.


Poster of the play the House of the Spirits being performed in Spanish and English at the Cervantes Theatre between October 28th and November 30th 2019

The House of the Spirits La Casa de los Espíritus


By Caridad Svich after Isabel Allende

“The House of the Spirits,” published in 1982, is a National Bestseller and Isabel Allende’s debut novel which catapulted her to literary stardom. When Isabel Allende’s novel first appeared on the international literary scene, it was widely heralded as a feminist response to Gabriel García Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”; it continues to this day to captivate readers across the world as it has been translated in over 20 languages.

Charting the rise and fall of the Trueba family in an un-named Latin American country (reminiscent of Chile), Caridad Svich’s play spans the 1920s through the 1970s, as the country moves through enormous sociopolitical changes that culminate in a devastating dictatorship. The play is told from the sensorial point of view of the youngest of three generation of women, Alba, who is held as the play opens, in a torture room by the government. The swirling memories, frightening and amusing, lyrical and fantastic, illuminate the stage as Alba records her family’s history and ultimately finds the strength to recover her own story. This new re-imagining of “The House of the Spirits” is a bold and daring theatre piece that captures the force and sensuality of Allende’s vision through Caridad Svich’s unique poetic spirit.

In Spanish – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 28th October – 28th November 2019 7.30pm ,  Saturday 2nd and 16th November 2019 at 7.30pm plus various matinees

In English – Thursday, Friday, Saturday 31st October – 30th November 2019 7.30pm  (except Saturday 2nd/16th November 2019)


Ticket Prices: from £12.50

Poster of the play the House of the Spirits being performed in Spanish and English at the Cervantes Theatre between October 28th and November 30th 2019

Courage, Outrage and Woman Valor, agravio y mujer


By Ana Caro de Mallén

Translated by Catherine Boyle


The heroine, Leonor has been abandoned by her lover, Juan. She disguises herself as a man in order to challenge him with the hope of restoring her lost honour through his death. Following him over the seas, she becomes caught in a lover triangle (courting, as a man, her rival Estela) and successfully manipulates everybody she meets.

Friday 18th October  2019 7.30pm  in Spanish, Saturday 19th October 2019 7.30pm in English

Ticket Prices: £6/ £5 concs

Poster of a the play Courage, Outrage and Women performed as a reading at the Cervantes Theatre on October 18th and 19th 2019
Poster of the play Stupid People which is a Rapid Production performed at the Cervantes Theatre on 11th and 12th October 2019

Stupid People Gente Estúpida

By Daniela Fejerman

A comedy about stupidity, which knows no economic or social barriers...

translated by Hayley O’Kell and María Bastianes

Two brothers who argue as to who should care for their lonely mother, a couple who sleep together again after a year of separation, a pregnant policewoman, a British father who aims to pick up his son on his birthday, a desperate man who assaults an off-roader driven by a local dignitary. This is a comedy about stupidity, which knows no economic or social barriers. For there are stupid people in all societies, throughout all ages of all sexes, religions and races. But do we stop to think about this ?

Una comedia sobre la estupidez, que no conoce barreras económicas ni sociales...

Dos hermanos que discuten por quién va a cuidar a su solitaria mamá, una pareja que vuelve a acostarse tras un año de separación, una policía embarazada y un padre británico que viene a recoger a su hijo en un cumpleaños, un hombre desesperado que embiste un todoterreno conducido por una autoridad local. Una comedia sobre la estupidez, que no conoce barreras económicas ni sociales. Porque hay estúpidos en todas las sociedades, en todas las épocas, de todos los sexos, razas y religiones. Pero, ¿nos hemos parado a reflexionar sobre ello?

This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:  

Friday 11th October 2019 7.30pm  in Spanish, Saturday 12th October 2019 7.30pm in English

Ticket Prices: £6/£5 concs

Poster of the play Run which is a Rapid Production performed at the Cervantes Theatre on 4th and 5th October 2019

Run ! ¡Corre!

By Yolanda García Serrano

Nothing attracts you like the bad person......

Winner of the 2018 Spanish National Prize for Dramatic Literature

translated by Jessica Rainey

There are siblings that hurt you, and Kico, who reappears to disturb the life of his only sister Emma, is one of these. Kico, who learnt to run before he could walk. First in front of his mother, later in front of his teachers and much later in front of the police. In contrast, Emma was always a good girl who learnt to protect herself from the disputes that racked her family. Why is it that siblings can be so different ?

RUN ! takes place over the time period of a year, from winter when, for the first time in a long time, Emma visits her brother in prison, to spring when Kico’s desire to run will determine both of their futures. «Nothing attracts you like the bad person» is the phrase that hovers over the relationship between the brother and sister. Why ? Because it’s as true as it’s painful.

Nada engancha más que las malas personas.......

Ganadora del Premio Nacional de Literatura Dramática 2018

elegida por “su gran fuerza dramática, su emotividad, su creación de personajes que retratan la eterna batalla entre los seres y su entorno”

Hay hermanos que duelen, y ese es el caso de Kico, quien reaparece para perturbar la vida de Emma, su única hermana. Kico aprendió a correr antes que a andar. Primero delante de su madre, luego delante de los profesores, y más tarde delante de la policía. Emma, en cambio, siempre fue una niña buena que aprendió a guardarse de los golpes que se rifaban en la familia. ¿Por qué los hermanos pueden ser tan distintos?

¡CORRE! transcurre a lo largo de un año, desde el invierno en que Emma visita a su hermano en la cárcel, por primera vez en mucho tiempo, hasta la primavera cuando las ganas de correr de Kico determinan el futuro de ambos. «Nada engancha más que las malas personas» es la frase que sobrevuela la relación de estos dos hermanos. ¿Por qué? Porque es tan cierta como dolorosa.

.This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:  

Friday 4th October 2019 7.30pm  in Spanish, Saturday 5th October 2019 7.30pm in English

Ticket Prices: £6/£5 concs

Eyes of the Night Poster /  The play is on from 11 - 28 September 2019 at the Cervantes Theatre /  Wednesdays and Thursdays  in Spanish / Fridays and Saturdays in English

The Eyes of the Night Los ojos de la noche


written by Paloma Pedrero

translated by Catherine Boyle


Life is full of moments of change that can pop up at anytime. An unexpected encounter between a woman, who supposedly has triumphed in life, and a blind man who she has hired to spend a few hours in a hotel with can be the trigger for a new life. Both will have to be able to open up and let themselves go with the flow…


Performances 11th – 28th September 2019 at 7.30pm, Tickets from £15.00

We Must Throw the Cows Down the Ravine




A la Caja de Fósforos and Teatro de Contrajuego production   


Directed by Orlando Arocha


Based on the book Las Voces del Laberinto (Voices of the Labyrinth) by the Spanish author and journalist Ricard Ruiz Garzon, the painful process of schizophrenia is explored. The onset, stigma, recovery and relief are dissected in this purposely minimal stylisation of monologues. 

These shows are in English

Performances 18th – 20th July 2019 at 7.30pm

The Old Masters Los Viejos Maestros

By Eva Hibernia

Five people, two women and three men, meet at a campsite by the sea. Within 24 hours, everything surfaces, the miracle of love, passion, seduction and the desire for money. Malena and the old man, Professor Boyer, have arrived at the site as a final stop in the shipwreck of their voyage together with the secret aim of selling the site.

Malena’s beauty and magnetism relieve the boredom for Iván and for Miquel, the village doctor. For her part, Sofia, the niece who survived the 11M terrorist attacks, taking refuge in this corner of the world and, in love with the doctor, watches these people search for each other and repel each other in a game in which she can’t participate. Who are these old masters and what can they teach her ? What are we ready to risk when life throws us her final opportunity ?

This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:

Just two performances

In Spanish: Friday 31st May 2019 at 7.30pm 

In English:  Saturday 1st June 2019 it 7.30pm


On/From Debris Des(de) los escombros 

By María Prado

Translated by Simon Breden

I’m young. Well not so young (at my age my grandmother, my mother had done..    had..). Still I consider myself young. I try to imagine myself in four of five years time. The image is blurry, changing, confused. I talk over and over again to my (still) young friends, obsessing over progress…. to where ? Because things should get better shouldn’t they ? That’s what they taught me. The milkmaid dropping her milk pail in the children’s story hurts me.

This is a Cervantes Theatre Rapid Production:

Just two performances

In Spanish: Friday 24th May 2019 at 7.30pm

In English:  Saturday 25th May 2019 it 7.30pm

The Reality/La Realidad


written by Denise Despeyroux,

translated by Sarah Maitland

Twin sisters attempt an awkward exercise of pretending to be someone else, taking them close to the line that separates good and evil; the love of life and destruction; lucidity and madness. What do you do to pose as someone inside of you? Can you love the living in the same way that you have love for the dead? Is darkness hindered by light?


Performances 1st – 18th May 2019 at 7.30pm, Tickets from £12.50


In English:  Fridays and Saturdays (3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th)
In Spanish: Wednesdays and Thursdays (1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th)

All shows are 90 mins with no interval




(2nd-23rd March 2019)

La escena madrileña está viva, como la ciudad, y queremos ofrecer una ventana internacional a nuestras artistas y creadoras para que expongan lo mejor de su trabajo de los últimos años, en una ciudad como Londres donde la cultura y el emprendimiento forman parte de su ADN particular.

Marzo es el mes elegido por el Cervantes Theatre de Londres para mostrar la excelencia cultural de las mujeres que crean en Madrid. Tenemos el placer de traer a cuatro compañías de teatro invitadas para representar cuatro obras escritas e interpretadas por mujeres. 

Madrid is a Female Name es un ciclo patrocinado por Madrid Destino.

Cartel realizado por Javier de Juan

Madrid’s cultural scene is alive, just like the city itself, and we want to offer an international platform for our female artists and creators to show their work in London, a city where culture and entrepreneurship are part of its DNA.

March is the month chosen by the Cervantes Theatre to showcase the cultural excellency of female creators who work and live in Madrid. We have the pleasure of welcoming four theatre companies from Madrid to perform four plays written and performed by women.

Madrid is a Female Name is a season sponsored by Madrid Destino

Art created by  Javier de Juan

La Blanca

2nd March 2019 : 7.30pm

by María Folguera

with Anahí Beholi


Anahí Beholi asks herself: What happens when your parents are hippies from Ibiza, your grandmothers, one is Guinean and the other is Catalan, your grandfather is a German landowner and you are an actress whom nobody knows how to define?

La Blanca is theatre disguised as a chat, with aspirations to be a monlogue and a desire for confession. On stage, a heroine and a choir, tragedy with true perspective, comedy.


9th March 2019 : 7.30pm

by Laila Ripoll

with Luna Paredes


A rock concert, a woman and her memories.  Memories of a time, not too long ago, where this woman was driven to cloak herself in guilt. She was stigmatized by the rest, punished by the moral of the time, robbed by her own carers and subjected to silence.  A silence that now becomes a scream.

The show is born from that need to talk about that part of recent history that has been silenced in Spain: The abuses by the Woman Protection Board.


16th March 2019 : 7.30pm

by Noelia Adánez and Valeria Alonso

with Ana Rayo


Gloria enters her dressing room overwhelmed by the noise made by her young fans who terrify her.  Someone else follows her in with whom the poet starts a dialogue, full of memories, tenderness and fun.  Among her dream like memories, she recalls her first day of class on Spanish poetry  at a North American university in 1961: Gloria was at her intellectual zenith, ready to start teaching, writing and loving…

This is theatre about women, written, directed and performed by women.

Una Habitación Propia

23rd March 2019: 7.30pm

by Virginia Woolf / stage version by María Ruiz

with Clara Sanchis


«…There is no gate, no lock, no padlock that you can impose on my freedom of thought.»

A writer gives a lecture to her young students in 1928. Her ironic and sharp words are the vivid account of a discovery: if a woman wants to devote herself to literature, she needs money and a room of her own. Only 9 years before women were granted the right to vote.

LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA by Federico García Lorca – Feb 2019 Production

directed by Jorge de Juan
All performances at The Arundel Centre, Channing School, Highgate


Our sold-out production of La Casa de Bernarda Alba/ The House of Bernarda Alba from our Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 Season is coming back for a second run in Feb 2019. This time the venue will be the Arundel Centre at Channing School in North London, a state of the art 244 seat facility. For the first time we are showing a play in Spanish with English Surtitles

The House of Bernarda Alba explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch’s domination of her five daughters. Described by the author as “a drama of women in the villages of Spain”, the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece



4th – 8th February 2019  (Running Time; 2 hours with one 15 minute interval)

YERMA by Federico García Lorca

Translated by Carmen Zapata and Michael Dewell

Adapted and Directed  by Jorge de Juan

The presentation of Lorca’s magnificent Rural Trilogy at the Cervantes Theatre ends with Yerma, “a tragic poem” of a woman with a desperate desire for motherhood, who under the pressures of social convention, is driven to commit a horrific crime. In Spanish and English on different nights. Sold out throughout its run to December 2018, this 5* rated production now returns for two more weeks in Spanish only

16th – 26th January 2019

Photography by Maxim Vakhovskiy

KEEP ON WALKING FEDERICO by Actors Touring Company

Written and Performed by Mark Lockyer
Director Alice Malin

UK Premiere

???? “Lockyer has one hell of a story and he tells it rivetingly well” The Times

Keep on Walking Federico is a funny and moving tale of a journey across borders – a journey through the midnight of the soul…

It is the brand new play by the writer and performer of Living with the Lights On, an ATC production  acclaimed by critics and by audiences from Bristol to Barcelona (including two sell-out runs at the Young Vic).

“And in that moment I realised… things had got a bit grim.”

Mark is struggling. Work, relationships, going grey. Add to that, he can’t even get his head around Snapchat. Then a letter arrives. Mark has no choice but to leave…with no idea if he’ll ever come back.

The play tells the story of Mark’s journey into an uncertain future. Being Mark, he decides he should experience it in sunny Spain. But there, he encounters incidents and people that keep reminding him that living in the present and looking forward to the future doesn’t always mean escaping from the past. With time to contemplate and as his thoughts turn to his relationships with his parents, his upbringing and the experiences that have brought him to this point, Mark’s challenge is to find the ability to move forward whilst acknowledging what is behind him.


18th – 20th October 2018

Ay, Carmela! by José Sanchis Sinisterra

Directed by Paula Paz
Translated by John London

Carmela and Paulino, a couple of travelling entertainers, mistakenly cross the border that separates the two opposing sides of the Spanish Civil War. Unexpectedly, they end up in “Belchite” – a square that the National Army has recently liberated. Both actors will be forced to improvise a theatrical evening to celebrate the defeat of the enemy. What begins as an entertaining tribute to the victors ends as a tragic comedy.

24th September – 13th October 2018
Mon – Wed in Spanish
Thu – Sat in English

Dramatised Readings

Going Down to Morocco / Bajarse al Moro 

By José Luis Alonso de Santos

English translation by Duncan Wheeler (University of Leeds)

Synopsis: Chusa and Jaimito are two cousins and share a small apartment in the center of Madrid and another friend, Alberto, also lives there. Chusa takes Elena in and suggests to her that she travels to Morocco as a drug trafficker but Elena is a virgin and can’t transport the goods. Difficulties and disruptions start to happen changing their lives forever.

11th September in Spanish
12th September in English

The Eyes of the Night / Los Ojos de la Noche

By Paloma Pedrero

English translation by Catherine Boyle (King’s College London)

Synopsis: Life is full of moments of change that can pop up at anytime. An unexpected encounter between an older woman, who supposedly has triumphed in life, and a young blind man who she has hired to spend a few hours in a hotel with can be the trigger for a new life. Both will have to be able to open up and let themselves go with the flow.

14th September in Spanish
15th September in English


12th June – 30th June 2018

By Paco Bezerra

English translation by Marion Peter Holt

Director: Paula Paz

Cast: Paul Albertson, Rachel Sanders

Daniel and Irene try to confront the brutal school bullying that Timmy is subjected to. A school that protects its bullies and a couple that tries to do the best for their child will witness how Timmy escapes to an imaginary universe to protect himself from the insufferable reality.

‘I once read the news on Gryson Bruce, a 9-year-old boy from North Carolina, who in 2014 suffered several physical and verbal attacks as a result of carrying a My Little Pony backpack. He was forbidden to bring the backpack to the school and I couldn’t believe it. What is better to follow the views of the majority or to defend your own child’s freedom of choice?’ – Paco Bezerra.

Supported by Acción Cultural Española.

A Body Somewhere / Un Cuerpo en Algún Lugar 

29th May in Spanish
30th May in English


Translated by Kate Eaton

Cast and Creative Team

Spanish: Fran Cantos, Luis Sorrolla
English: Jaime Menéndez, Josh Hull

Director: Gon Ramos
Costume Designer: Panamá Diáz
Lighting Designer: Fernando Benito

The play is about a search for love, one love, a restless search over the years, through cities, fires, and trains. Nowadays where everything demands to be instant, this play suggests a break with these rules and questions the time needed to find the inevitable. It takes us into the mind and encounters with “He”, who starts a journey in search of “that person”. We do not talk about Penelope, waiting such a long time, we do not talk about Ulysses, returning home, we speak only of a search heading forwards and only of that one body that we feel has the ability to save us.

The Reality / La Realidad

1st June in Spanish
2nd June in English

PLAYWRIGHT – Denise Despeyroux

Translated by Sarah Maitland

Cast and Creative Team

Spanish: Maite Jáuregui
English: Beth Lockhart
Director: Raymi Renee
Assistant Director: Imogen Hudson Clayton
Costume Designer: Panamá Diáz
Lighting Designer: Fernando Benito
Video: Elena Molina
Set: STC Production Team

Twin sisters attempt an awkward exercise of pretending to be someone else, taking them close to the line that separates good and evil; the love of life and destruction; lucidity and madness. What do you do to pose as someone inside of you? Can you love the living in the same way that you have love for the dead? Is darkness hindered by light?

An American Life / Una Vida Americana

4th June in Spanish
5th June in English

PLAYWRIGHT – Lucía Carballal

Translated by William Gregory

Cast and Creative Team

Spanish: Gledys Ibarra, Candela Gómez, Sandra Fergadi, Joan Carles Suau
English: Moir Leslie, Becky Black, Adela Leiro, Michael Timney

Director: Lilac Yosiphon
Costume Designer: Panamá Diáz
Lighting Designer: Fernando Benito
Set: STC Production Team

The action takes place in the present day on a camping site outside Minneapolis. Linda can be seen there standing next to a rented caravan, accompanied by her mother, Paloma, and her little sister Robin Rose. They have travelled all the way to the USA for a reencounter with Warren, an American, who Paloma fell in love with in the 80s, and who is father to the two daughters. Warren promised them the American life but abandoned them without leaving a trace of his existence.


30th April – 26th May 2018  –  30 de abril – 26 de mayo 2018

Ray (Ramón) wants to work on his vocal technique before singing at the memorial service of his mother who has recently passed away. He seeks out the help of Emily (Amelia), a strict singing teacher who runs classes from her home. As the classes go on, the two characters begin to reveal details about their pasts, both of which have been significantly affected by a terrorist attack.

The true significance of this event forces them both to reflect on their identities up to such a point that they will end up forever united by a shared song for life

‘What makes us human? For Amelia, a deeply wounded mother, what makes us humans is the capacity to feel other’s pain as your own. When an indiscriminate attack happens, we are all victims who have to deal with the same crossroads: hate or love. Our world depends on the direction we decide to take’ – Guillem Clua.

Translated by Tim Gutteridge

With the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

TICKETS from £15 – NO Booking Fee


???? ”Raw but intensely poignant production is full of empathy, anger, and humanity.” The Stage

”Metaphorically, if not quite literally, I hugged my sons a little closer when I got home – and that’s never a bad reaction for a play to provoke.” BroadwayWorld

???? ActDrop ???? everything theatre


12th February – 3rd March 2018
12 de febrero al 3 de marzo 2018

After our first sold-out production from our Autumn/Winter 2017 Season, La Casa de Bernarda Alba/ The House of Bernarda Alba returned for a second run in 2018.

The House of Bernarda Alba explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch’s domination of her five daughters. Described by the author as “a drama of women in the villages of Spain”, the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece.

Written in 1936 just before the civil war broke out, the play was first performed in Buenos Aires in 1945. It was banned in Spain until 1963, partly because of its political implications and partly because the behaviour and language of the characters was regarded as shockingly immoral. A small theatre club was allowed to put on a single performance in 1950, but the regime tried to ensure that it would be given no publicity.

Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) , poet and dramatist, was one of the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century. He was killed by nationalist troops at the age of thirty-eight at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and two months after completing The House of Bernarda Alba

from £20
Concessions (Under 25, Over 65) £15

12th February – 3rd March 2018
7:30pm evening performances:  Monday – Saturday
2:30pm matinee performances: Wednesdays and Saturdays




De/By Federico García Lorca
23 October – 9th December 2017
23 de octubre – 9 de diciembre 2017

The STC continues their mission to present all of Federico García Lorca’s work with a new production of The House of Bernarda Alba, Lorca’s story of a family of women in 1930s Spain, dominated and repressed by the matriarch Bernarda Alba.

 English language performances Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, with a matinee on Saturdays at 2:30pm.

 Spanish language performances Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm, with a matinee on Wednesdays at 2:30pm.

La STC continua con su objetivo de representar toda la obra de Federico García Lorca. Nuestra segunda producción es La Casa de Bernarda Alba, la historia de una familia de mujeres de la España de los años 30, dominadas y reprimidas por la matriarca Bernarda Alba.

Funciones en español lunes, martes y miércoles a las 7:30pm, con matinee los miércoles a las 2:30pm.

Funciones en inglés jueves, viernes y sábado a las 7:30pm con matinee los sábados a las 2:30pm.


 Season I
I Ciclo

18th September – 14th October 2017
18 de septiembre – 14 de octubre 2017

 Dramatised Readings
Lecturas Dramatizadas

El Pequeño Poni – The Little Pony
De/ by Paco Bezerra
Translation by Marion Peter Holt

18th September – Spanish reading
19th September – English reading

18 de septiembre – Lectura en español
19 de septiembre  – Lectura en inglés

Verano en Diciembre – Summer in December
De/ by Carolina África Martín
Translation by Sophie Stevens

20th September – Spanish reading
21st September – English reading

20 de septiembre – Lectura en español
21 de septiembre – Lectura en inglés

De/ by Marta Buchaca
Translation by H.J. Gardner

22nd September – Spanish reading
23rd September – English reading

22 de septiembre – Lectura en español
23 de septiembre – Lectura en inglés

Full Production

De/by Guillem Clua
Translation by Tim Gutteridge

English language performances Thursday – Saturday at 7:30pm

Spanish language performances Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm

Funciones en español de lunes a miércoles a las 7:30pm

Funciones en inglés de jueves a sábado a las 7:30pm


1st October 2017
1 de octubre 2017

After presenting Twelve, Jorge Crecis’ choreography created for Acosta Danza in Sadler’s Wells this September, we have the pleasure of announcing that Jorge Crecis will be bringing his piece Through and Out² to the Cervantes Theatre for one night only. 

Through & Out² is an installation/athletic performance, which combine dance, science, new technology, music and text. The performance is driven by a compelling ‘noir like’ narrative text through which the performer expresses his memories, emotions and desires.   

Tras presentar Twelve, la pieza creada por Jorge Crecis para Acosta Danza en Sadler’s Wells este septiembre, tenemos el placer de anunicar que Jorge Crecis presentará en el Cervantes Theatre Through & Out² solo por un día. 

 Through & Out² es una instalación/performance atlética que combina danza, ciencia, música y texto.  El texto, parte fundamental de la performance, de carácter cautivador y ‘noir like’, sirve de vehículo para expresar las memorias, emociones y deseos del artísta. 

With the support of the Cervantes Institute.

 From La Unión to Union Street: Flamenco Festival

14th – 16th September 2017
14 - 16 de septiembre 2017

The Cervantes Theatre presents a flamenco festival led by prestigious artists known for their performances in major festivals such as that of La Unión, as well as members of Murcia’s Symphony Orchestra.
14th September 7:30pm - Baile (Dance) with Cynthia Cano 
Dancer Cynthia Cano will steal the show on the second night, evocating the true flamenco character through ‘Bailaora’ de Postín, a visual journey across the styles of three of the greatest female flamenco dancers: Pastora Imperio, Carmen Amaya and Matilde Coral.
15th September 7:30pm - Cante (Song) with Nico Pelegrín
The first night will feature singer Nico Pelegrín, guitarists Pablo Barrionuevo and Joaquín López ‘Quini’, and violinist David Galván, who will take us in a tour through flamenco’s history respecting the complexity and tradition of the different approaches.
16th September 7:30pm - Murcia’s Symphony Orchestra Quintet & dancers 
The festival will come to an end on the third night with a performance by the string group of Murcia’s Symphonic Orchestra, the pianist José Antonio Candel and dancers Julia Cano and María Hernández. They will be joining forces to produce an exciting musical blend of
Spanish composers such as Falla, Turina or Granados.
El Cervantes Theatre presenta un festival de flamenco de la mano de artistas de prestigio cuya trayectoria está reconocida en festivales tan importantes como el de La Unión  interpretada por miembros de la Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia.

The Dark Stone
30th August – 9 September 2017

During the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Rafael has been made  prisoner by the Republicans and Sebastian, the young guard in charge of him, become his only company. They are both unaware that their encounter will change the course of war and theatre. 
Inspired by the real story of Rafael Rodríguez Rapún – friend and lover of Federico García Lorca – The Dark Stone is a play about intolerance, the need for redemption and memory as a means of justice.

CLAW Festival
3RD-9TH JULY 2017
3-9 JULIO 2017

CLAW – Contemporary Latin American Writers Festival is a week-long celebration of the vibrant theatre talent of Latin America, presenting a riveting and altogether different take on drama.

The Festival will show 3 new Latin American plays, performed in English: Mona and I, Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges and Turmoil.

Mona and I, by Brazilian writer Rogerio Correa, combines magic realism and radical politics, exploring the theft of the Mona Lisa and what happens when the painting comes alive and challenges her abductor.

Performed in English, see below for Portuguese language reading of the play on 5th July.

Monday 3rd July 7.00pm / Tuesday 4th July 8.30pm / Wed 5th July 5:30pm / Thursday 6th July 7.00pm / Friday 7th July  8.30pm / Sat 8th July 7.00pm / Sunday 9th July 7.00pm

Portuguese reading of Mona and IWednesday 5th July 2:30pm

Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges, by Venezuelan writer Montague Kobbé, presents the longings and intimacy of complete strangers as they come into contact with one another in their ordinary lives.

Performed in English, see below for Spanish language reading of the play on 8th July.

Monday 3rd July 5:30pm / Tuesday 4th July 7.00pm / Wed 5th July 8.30pm / Thursday 6th July 5:30pm / Friday 7th July 7.00pm / Sat 8th July 5.30pm  / Sunday 9th July 5:30pm

Spanish reading of Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges – Saturday 8th July 2:30pm

Turmoil, by Jô Bilac, directed by André Pink, is a physical tragicomedy is set in an OTT South American Jane Austenesque world. It features live music, Flamenco and a tap dancing goat.

Performed in English, see below for Portuguese language reading of the play on 9th July.

Monday 3rd July 8.30pm / Tuesday 4th July 5:30pm / Wed 5th July 7.00pm / Thursday 6th July 8.30pm / Friday 7th July 5:30pm / Sat 8th July 8.30pm  / Sun 9th July 4.00pm

Portuguese reading of Turmoil – Sunday 9th July 2:30pm

a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco
29th June 2017
29 Junio 2017

Two artists making space, allowing space, opening space in their worlds of flamenco. Featuring experimentalists Noemí Luz and Rosanna Terracciano, a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco is a compelling flamenco for today.

A post-show discussion will follow.

Dos artistas creando, permitiendo y abriendo espacio en sus respectivos mundos de flamenco. Presentamos la obra experimental de Noemí Luz y Rosanna Terracciano en a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco. Un flamenco irresistible y relevante para hoy.

24th June 2017
24 de Junio 2017

Rosalba Scholasticus is a teacher who believes that scholasticism, a methodology from the Middle Ages, is the best way to educate her students: the ruler and the belt, the rewards and punishments, the art of copying and memorizing…

Presented for the first time in London. Written by Colombian playwright Rodrigo Rodríguez (founder of the Ditirambo group in Columbia) and performed by Colombian actress Karen García.

Performance in Spanish.

Rosalba Scholasticus es una maestra que está convencida de que la metodología escolástica, propia de la Edad Media, es la mejor manera de educar a sus estudiantes: la regla y el cinturón, el premio y el castigo, el arte de copiar, retener y memorizar…

Presentada por primera vez en Londres. Escrita por el dramaturgo colombiano Rodrigo Rodríguez (fundador del grupo Ditirambo de Colombia) e interpretada por la actriz colombiana Karen García.

Representación en español.


23rd June 2017

23 de Junio 2017

London Lyric Arts presents a musical programme of Spanish song and Zarzuela, performed by the best Hispanic and London voices of the moment. The festival was a taste of the programme of concerts and talks currently being planned for the rest of 2017 and 2018. 

London Lyric Arts presenta un programa musical de canciones líricas españolas y romanzas de Zarzuela, interpretadas por las mejores voces hispano-londinenses del momento. Esta gala sirve de muestra para la serie de conciertos y conferencias en preparación para 2017 y 2018.

21ST JUNE 2017
21 DE JUNIO 2017

“Remember when you were eleven years old and you had a bike, one that made you dream about a world bigger than the one in which you live? This is that memory. Except it is now.”

Chaskis Theatre presents Red Bike – a new play by Caridad Svich (2012 OBIE for Lifetime Achievement).

Performed as a staged reading, starring Maddy Hill (Imogen, Eastenders) and Aaron Anthony and directed by Simon Evans (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui – Donmar Warehouse).

All profits from this event will be donated to Anno’s Africa –  a UK based children’s charity, running educational arts projects for children living in slum conditions in Kenya.

Chaskis Theatre presenta Red Bike – una obra nueva de Caridad Svich (2012 OBIE por Lifetime Achievement).

La obra será interpretado como una lectura dramatizada, con actuaciones de Maddy Hill (Imogen, Eastenders) y Aaron Anthony y dirigido por Simon Evans (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui – Donmar Warehouse).

Se donará todo el beneficio de este evento a Anno’s Africa – una charity con sede en el Reindo Unido  que desarolla proyectos artísticos para niños que viven en condiciones de pobreza en Kenia.

12TH – 17TH JUNE 2017
12 – 17 JUNIO 2017

Kirstin Chávez has made the role of Carmen her own throughout the world, and in this specially devised one-woman tour-de-force, Kirstin Chávez IS Carmen.

Her seductive voice, her lithe dancing, and her fearless characterisation combine to explore the enigma at the heart of Carmen.

Performances with Spanish and English monologues. All performances sung in the original French.

Kirsten Chávez ha hecho suyo el papel de Carmen por todo el mundo y en este espectáculo individual y único, Kirsten Chávez ES Carmen. Su voz seductora, baile ágil y caracterización intrépida se combinan para explorar el enigma del corazón de Carmen.   

Representaciones con monólogo español y con monólogo inglés. En todas las representaciones cantará en el francés original. 

        Kirsten Chávez – Carmen

         James Longford – Piano


2nd-3rd June 2017
2 – 3 Junio 2017

During the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Rafael has been made prisoner by the Republicans and Sebastián, the young guard in his charge, becomes his only company. They are both unaware that their encounter will change the course of war and theatre.

Inspired by the real story of Rafael Rodriguez Rapún -friend and lover of Federico García Lorca- The Dark Stone is a play about intolerance, the need for redemption and memory as a means of justice.
Performed in English.

Durante el estallido de la guerra civil española, Rafael ha sido encarcelado por los Republicanos y el jóven guarda Sebastián se convierte en su unica compañía. Ninguno sabe que su encuentro cambiará el curso de la guerra y del teatro.

Inspirada por la historia real de Rafael Rapún – amigo y amante de Federico García Lorca – The Dark Stone es una obra sobre la intolerancia y la necesidad de redención y memoria como un medio de justicia.
Se representará en inglés.

Directed by/dirigido por: Sergio Maggiolo

Music/música: Lucía Espín and Javier Rodriguez

With/Con: Jaime Menéndez and Santiago Del Fosco

19th May 2017
19 de Mayo 2017

Flamenco Express presents a handful of raw, heart-wrenching flamenco – with soloist La Joaquina, guitar virtuoso Chris Clavo, the impressive musicality of Antonio el Pola, the power and grace of Victor Fernández – plus the welcome return of Sara Peréz, straight from the stages of Madrid.

Flamenco Express presenta una tarde de flamenco puro y desgarrador – con la solista La Joaquina,  a la guitarra el virtuoso Chris Clavo, la musicalidad abrumadora de Antonio el Pola, la fuerza y elegancia de Victor Fernández.  Además disfrutaremos del esperado regreso de Sara Peréz, directo de los tablaos más cotizados de Madrid.

Made in Murcia: Lina Tur La Gioia acompañada por La Folía de Ángel Haro
4th May 2017
4 de Mayo 2017

On 4th May 2017 MADE IN MURCIA was performed the Cervantes Theatre. The event was the product of the agreement between the theatre and the Region of Murcia’s Department of Culture and Public Speaking, with the aim of promoting important productions from this region.

The main element of the evening was a concert with violinist Lina Tur, accompanied by Daniel Espasa on the clavichord, as well as the audiovisual project ‘La Folia’, the work of Lina Tur and artist Ángel Haro.

El 4 de mayo tuvo lugar en el Cervantes Theatre de Londres la jornada de presentación MADE IN MURCIA. El evento es fruto del acuerdo de patrocinio establecido entre este centro polivalente, teatro y espacio multiusos, y la Consejería de Cultura y Portavocía, con objeto de dar a conocer las producciones más significativas de la Región.

La pieza central de la noche fue un concierto de la violinista Lina Tur, acompañada por el clavecinista Daniel Espasa. Además disfrutamos del proyecto audiovisual ‘La Folía’ que realizaron Lina Tur y el artista Ángel Haro, producido en una residencia en el Centro Párraga.

Zaha, The Magic Curve
6th April 2017

Cervantes Theatre

A tribute of music and dance to the memory of the architect Zaha Hadid, the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize and undoubtedly, the queen of contemporary iconic architecture.

Dame Zaha Hadid was the world’s most famous woman in a starchitect stratosphere strangely dominated by her masculine peers.

With performances by:
Javier “Peke” Rodriguez
Erwin Grafe
Marie Soliman
+ World Ballet Institute of Movement.

Un tributo musical y de danza, compuesto en memoria de Zaha Hadid cuando se cumple el primer aniversario de
su muerte. Zaha Hadid fue la primera mujer que recibió el premio
Pritzker de Arquitectura y fue, sin género de dudas, la reina de la
arquitectura contemporánea, creadora de iconos y edificios
emblemáticos en todo el mundo.

Dame Zaha Hadid fue la mujer más reconocida de la arquitectura moderna en un mundo extrañamente dominado por sus colegas

Con actuaciones de:
Javier “Peke” Rodriguez
Erwin Grafe
Marie Soliman
+ World Ballet Institute of Movement.


A series of dramatised readings and a concert conference, to celebrate the lesser-known works of Federico Garcia Lorca and to continue the Spanish Theatre Company’s promise to present all of Lorca’s work.

23 –  24 Jan 2017 at 7:30pm (tickets £5)
Lecturas Dramatizadas: El Maleficio de la Mariposa y Don Perlimplín con Belisa en el Jardín
Performed in Spanish.

25 Jan 2017 at 7:30pm (tickets £5)
Dramatised Readings: The Butterfly’s Evil Spell and Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the Garden
Performed in English.

26 – 27 Jan 2017 at 7:30pm (tickets £8)
Lecturas Dramatizadas y Conferencia Concierto
Lecturas dramatizadas de unos diálogos y obras cortas, y una lectura de la conferencia de Lorca Nanas Infantiles, con música en vivo.
Performed in Spanish.

28 Jan 2017 at 7:30pm (tickets £8)
Dramatised Readings and Talk with music
Dramatised readings of some of Lorca’s dialogues, short plays and other works and a reading of Lorca’s lecture On Lullabies accompanied by live music.
Performed in English.


22nd FEBRUARY to 18th MARCH 2017

By Juan Mayorga

Translated by David Johnston

Directed by Paula Paz
The STC presents Darwin’s Tortoise/La Tortuga de Darwin, a 2008 play by Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, with translation by David Johnston (for English language performances).
One evening a mysterious old woman appears in the office of a history professor, claiming to be the tortoise Charles Darwin brought back from the Galapagos Islands. Through her experiences of living in 20th century Europe, she tells her own version of history…   
“Witty, provocative, dark”.  Juan Mayorga’s acclaimed 2008 play illuminates superbly the dangers of demagoguery, the abuse of words and the inherent corruptibility of man.  A timely production as once again, nationalism becomes the dominant force in world politics.

Spanish language performances: Monday – Wednesday

English language performances: Thursday – Saturday

Monday-Saturday: Evening performances: 7:30pm .  Wednesday & Saturday: Matinee performances: 2:30pm

The Judge of the divorces… y otros 

1st to 18th February 

By Miguel de Cervantes & William Shakespeare
Adaptation by Jorge de Juan
Directed by Jorge de Juan

An adaptation of two Entremeses (short plays) by Cervantes, featuring some of Shakespeare’s well-known characters, as an homage to the 400th anniversary of the deaths of these two geniuses of universal literature.

Ticket includes tapas and a drink for the full entremés experience.

“I loved this”,  “Very, very funny” …..  More Reviews

Una adaptación de dos Entremeses de Cervantes, con presencia de personajes bien conocidas de Shakespeare, como un homenaje al 400 aniversario de las muertes de estos dos genios de la literatura universal.

Las entradas incluyen dos tapas y una bebida para la experiencia entremés completa.

In English and Spanish

(Mon-Sat 7.30pm) (Wed & Sat 2.30pm)

Blood Wedding 

15TH NOV- 17TH DEC 2016

By Federico García Lorca
Translation by Michael Dewell & Carmen Zapata
Directed by Jorge de Juan

Under a burning and unrelenting sun, two families prepare for a wedding with anticipation.  Their destinies will be forever marked by their traditions, passions and suppressed past.

Lorca’s masterpiece will be the opening production at the Cervantes Theatre in London, with two different casts which will perform in Spanish and in English.


Bodas de sangre

15 NOV- 17 DEC 2016

De Federico García Lorca
Dirección de Jorge de Juan

Bajo un clima hostil y abrasador, dos familias preparan con alegría la celebración de la boda. El pasado, las tradiciones y las pasiones marcarán sus destinos para siempre.

La obra maestra de Lorca será la encargada de inaugurar el Cervantes Theatre de Londres, con un doble reparto y funciones en inglés y en español.



Past events

48 profesionales de diferentes sectores con una lengua común y una misma pasión que les mueve a estudiar teatro cada semana con Jorge de Juan en el Cervantes Theatre. Ingenieros, licenciados, enfermeras, médicos, arquitectas, contables, abogadas, diseñadores, terapeutas, científicos… Todos ellos toman la palabra y comparten contigo un poema desde sus casas.



10 poemas de amor y una canción confinada

Con el objetivo de lanzar un mensaje de amor en los tiempos del virus, Jorge de Juan y su hija María de Juan, Cantante y compositora granadina que acaba de publicar su primer disco 24/7, se unen en la distancia, desde Londres y Granada, respectivamente. Jorge leerá poemas de Joan Margarit, Gioconda Belli, Pablo Neruda y Alfonsina Storni, entre otros poetas, y María versionará el poema “Te quiero”, de Mario Benedetti, acompañada de Andrés Barrios.

Velada propuesta por el Cervantes Theatre de Londres, en colaboración con el Instituto Cervantes Londres.


El Origen de la técnica o el destino del teatro

El Cervantes Theatre de Londres en colaboración con el Instituto Cervantes se complace en presentar al maestro de actores Jorge Eines en una Clase Magistral bajo el título “El origen de la técnica o el destino del teatro” el acto será presentado por Jorge de Juan, director artístico del Cervantes Theatre y de la Spanish Theatre Company, y alumno de Jorge Eines.


6 JULIO 6 pm UK / 7 pm ES







by Ana Caro – Translated by Catherine Boyle

17th JUNE 6pm UK
Online Dramatised Reading in English

18th JUNE 6pm UK
Conversation with Catherine Boyle and Juana Escabias. Paula Paz moderator.

María de Juan 24/7 Tour – Concert 20th and 21st March


María de Juan comes to London as part of the tour of the 24/7 Album, produced by Manuel Cabezalí, in which the singer and keyboardist Víctor Cabezuelo, leader of the Rufus T Firefly band, has participated.


A conceptual album, mature and very personal, with a depth very rare for an artist her age, but not surprising due to her personal life and professional career. In this conceptual album with songs in Spanish, María de Juan associates the hours of the day with different feelings; 24 hours seven days a week.


María has been invited to be part of the 2020 Sonorama Festival and she promises to be one of the revelations of the year.




María de Juan llega a Londres en su gira de presentación de 24/7 su primer trabajo musical, producido por Manuel Cabezalí, en el que ha participado el cantante y teclista Víctor Cabezuelo, líder de la banda Rufus T Firefly.


Un disco conceptual, maduro y muy personal, sumamente peculiar atendiendo a la juventud de María, lo que no es de sorprender por su trayectoria personal, con  ocho  temas en castellano que nacen de la asociación de las horas del día con los sentimientos; 24 horas los siete días de la semana.


María de Juan, ha sido seleccionada para el Sonorama 2020 y promete ser una de las revelaciones de este año.


Poster of the play the House of the Spirits being performed in Spanish and English at the Cervantes Theatre between October 28th and November 30th 2019


The 1st Ana Caro Prize aims to support, promote and internationalise modern day Spanish Drama



El I PREMIO ANA CARO DE TEATRO 2019, tiene como finalidad apoyar, promocionar y difundir internacionalmente la dramaturgia en lengua española más actual



Photo of class of 5 students engaged in acting classes


Box office number: 020 3633 4406

Box Office opening hours:

Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00

Cervantes Theatre Arch 26 229 Union Street London SE1 0LR