Paperback Edition – Bilingual Text of El Pequeño Poni/The Little Pony


El Pequeno Poni / The Little Pony – Paper Back Edition

by Paco Bezzerra translated by Marion Peter Holt

Full text in English and Spanish

Paco Bezerra’s play performed internationally, explores themes of childhood bullying, sexuality and parental strife.


This is a paper-back edition of the bilingual text of Paco Bezzerra's globally toured play, El pequeño poni in Spanish and The Little Pony in English.  The play first showed at as a dramatized reading at The Cervantes Theatre in 2017, returning for another successful run in 2018. It is translated by Marion Peter Holt.

The book features a side by side display of the full text of the play in English and Spanish with pictures of the production at the Cervantes Theatre

The play deals with the struggles of his mother and father to deal with the bullying of a young boy as he transitions between primary and secondary schools,