Workshop – Viaje por españa (Key Stage 3)



Viaje por españa is an exciting workshop that we can bring to your school. It is aimed at early Key Stage 3 (year 7 and 8) pupils, using theatrical technqiues to enhance and support the Spanish curriculum.

The workshop is facilitated in Spanish on your premises by our experienced actor-teachers.

It can usually be arranged at 1-2 weeks notice, often faster if required.

You can purchase it through the website or by contacting us on or 0203 633 4406





Description: Theatre workshop for Spanish KS3 students. The objective of the workshop is to familiarize students with the geography of Spain and the customs of each place. Towards the end of the workshop, more in-depth activities are included that try to stage a situation as well as analyze three famous paintings. 

Facilitators/actresses: 1 

Number of students:

Duration: 1h

Level: KS3