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by Alfredo Sanzol

Translated by Simon Breden

Tenderness tells the story of a magic queen and her two princesses, who travel in the Invincible Armada, forced by Philip II into marriages of convenience to noble Englishmen on the successful invasion of England. Queen Esmeralda hates men because they have always conditioned her life and taken away her freedom, so she is not willing to let her daughters have her same fate. When the Armada passes an island that the Queen considers deserted, she creates a storm that sinks their ship. Her plan is to stay on that island with her daughters, so they never see a man again in their lives. The problem is that they choose an island where a lumberjack has lived, for twenty years, with his two children who fled there so he and his sons never had to see a woman again in their life…





Spanish Contemporary Theatre III

19th NOV 7pm UK


Nowadays there are many people thinking of secludingon a lonely island.The play Tenderness also speaks about that, about the fantasies of loneliness to escape from problems. I have told my stories imitating the 16th and 17th centuries Spanish comedies, and the English ones, so I hope it all goes very well in London.

Alfredo Sanzol

Alfredo Sanzol

He was born in Pamplona in 1972 and graduated in Law from the University of Navarra and in Stage Direction from RESAD. He has written and directed Risas y destrucción, Sí, pero no lo soy, Días estupendos, Delicadas, En la luna, Aventura!, La calma mágica, La respiración, Tenderness and La valentía. As a theatre director, he has directed and adapted Berkoff’s Like the Greeks, The Head of the Baptist, The Importance of Being Ernest, Waiting for Godot, Oedipus the King (City Theatre), The silly lady and Bohemian lights.

In 2015 he and Miguel del Arco and Andrés Lima created the project Teatro de la Ciudad. He has taught in different national and international institutions,
universities and theatres. He has also directed the Second Theatre Writing workshop of the SGAE Foundation. He has received the Max Award for the Performing Arts four times in the categories of Best Theatrical Author in Catalan or Valencian and Best Theatrical Author in Spanish. Also, the Ceres Award for Best Theatrical Author in 2012 for En la luna, the National Dramatic Literature Award in 2017 for La respiration and the XII Valle-Inclán Theatre Award in 2018 for La ternura.




Play by Alfredo Sanzol

Translated by Simon Breden




Directed by Paula Paz

Lighting Designer Fernando Benito

Composer/Sound Designer Yaiza Varona

Camera Operator 1 Liam Daly



Artistic Director Jorge de Juan

Associate Director Paula Paz

House Manager Puerto Baker

Production Manager Santiago Cabrero

Graphic Design José Luis Hidalgo